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Powerful songwriting and impassioned performances uncover deeply rooted personal and societal issues with lyrical intelligence and deft musicality. – Songwriter Magazine
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“Just Say No, NO GMOs! is the most scholarly, musical, genius song that’s packed with more information about GMOs and their relationship to society that I’ve ever heard, it’s amazing!” –Jeffrey Smith, global expert on GMOs – Institute For Responsible Technology (IRT)


John Chapman is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, PRODUCER, COMPOSER And earth care and social justice activist.


A revolutionary pop song, with flavors of 70's progressive rock, funk and rhythm and blues.

The song features powerful lyrical rap storytelling, catchy vocal chorus hook, and inspired guitar playing with world-class performances from all-star musicians. 

Chapman's fiery lyrical critique of genetically mutated/modified organisms exposes the systemic harm that GMOs cause to our health and food system, organic farms and farmers, wildlife, biodiversity, local economies and communities, democracy, and DNA of all life on earth–synthesizing the forces that govern humanities most intimate and important relationship–food

The 4th verse lyric "food is the lifeblood of humanity", empowers us to create self-reliant bio-regional communities through regenerative organic polycultural food systems.

What Bob Dylan, Santana and Steely Dan would have written had they collaborated on a song to protest against Genetically Mutated/Modified Organisms (GMOs). –Music Reviews

Just Say No,

Words and music by John Chapman
©2015 All Rights Reserved

Vocals, Guitars – John Chapman
Keyboards, Organ – Frank Martin (Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, Madonna)
Bass – Steve Evans (Chris Cane, Elvin Bishop, Ray Manzarek)
Drums – Billy Johnson (Santana, Maze)
Tenor Sax – George Brooks (Etta James, Albert Collins, John McLaughlin)
Trumpet – Drew Cremisio

Tracking Engineer – Jared Havens
Mixing Engineer – Matt Wright
Mastering Engineer – Tim Gennert

Recorded, mixed and mastered at
Prairie Sun Studios, Cotati CA

Produced by John Chapman


Why write a song about GMOs?


I feel it's crucial that artists in music, visual art, theatre, film, literature and dance, and every educator who understands the regenerative processes of creation provide outreach to explain how the design of monocultural agriculture and capitalist credit markets and fiat currency combine to destroy the earths and humanities capacity to heal. We artists, who experience the process of creation must educate ourselves about how our food relationships affect the earth and society. We need to unite and support the organic food community, and environmental and social justice, and provide messages to help the public better understand how large scale industrial agricultural monocultures and genetically mutated/modified organism of both crops and animals (GMOs) and infinite growth, no limit, accumulation, production for short-term profit sake "capitalism", is an end game for life. Exploiting regenerative relationships in nature between water, soil, land, wildlife, animal and plant communities, is degrading human health, the DNA of life, communities, culture and democracy, moving us quickly toward multi-systems collapse.

I’ve learned that how we hunt, gather, forage, cultivate, domesticate, raise, harvest, slaughter, distribute, market, sell, prepare, consume, allocate the surplus and spoilage of, and ritualize and celebrate food, literally creates the foundation for all human relationships with nature and one another. Our food relationships and choices defines whether we live in cooperation or competition with nature and one another, causing systemic regeneration or degradation, by supporting localization or globalization, and defines what kind of governance, economies, technologies and ideologies we accept, support and enable.

Food is truly the lifeblood of humanity! If we are to survive, we must harmonize with nature, and not work against her. Therefore, it's up to all of us to take part in creating healthy local organic food systems to achieve a sustainable future!

Through organic bioregional agro-ecological polycultural agriculture and permaculture design principals we can produce food, fiber, fuel and medicine in ways that harmonize with natural systems, that create biodiversity and ecological resiliency and stability. Through these healthy local organic food systems we can create polycultural economic and spiritual ideological possibilities where earth care and human reciprocity become our primary foundational cornerstones.

These foundational messages are being birthed through my songs.


Earth Care Tour 2018
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John Chapman